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Barra do Cunhau a place of great tranquility, peace and beauty

Information website for Barra do Cunhaú a tropical paradise in Brasil

Online information for Barra do Cunhau in the state of RN Brasil. Top attractions for you to do when you are in Barra do Cunhau so you know where to hire a bike and how much it should cost, a guide to the beaches and hotels, tours and restaurants with kitesurfing weather and transportation information also listed.


Barra do Cunhaú,
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To understand the transformation that Cunhau has been through, from being a fishermen village at the beginning of last century, for a pleasant retreat for leisure tourist and convenient for us to discuss some considerations on tourism, from its origins to the present. According to the languages spoken in some countries, in English and French the word Tourism is our definition connected to your trip with pleasure. Read more . . .

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